Hello world!

This my very first blogpost (at least on my own spot). I am typing from my iPad while getting a haircut…. My barber keeps yanking my head up… I think he’s getting annoyed.

Ringflashes are on my mind. I just picked up the Quadra from BH Photo, for many reasons…. Most importantly I want to see how I can get this to work, when shooting unassisted. Sometimes placing a light stand is not possible or dangerous…. I’m trying to see if I can get good quality portraits by altering this ring flash. Today I am going to pickup a Hensel modifier…. It fits on the Quadra…. I am told several of the ringflash units are made off the same mold.

There is a 14″ reflector and the Octa Sun Haze RF90… Even though the size seems ridiculous, I’m going to pickup the Octa and give it a workout during an outdoor portrait session on Sunday.

I’ll post results.

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